Ткани: флажная ткань, шикарный блестящий атлас, матовый сатен, дорогой бархат, двухстороний Blackout
Технология сублимационная полноцветная печать
Крепеж: карман под древко
Отделка края: бахрома, шов или термообрез по периметру
Высокая устойчивость окраски
к свету, влаге, трению. Флаги можно стирать и гладить.
Комплектация: флагштоки, навершия, кисти
Цвета: yасыщенные цвета, точный подбор цвета, полноцветная печать HiFi (CMYKOB)
Исполнение: сдвоенные или однослойные, печать с двух или одной сторон
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Flags for indoors, office flags
Флаги для помещений, флаги кабинетные

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Flagpoles from brass and nickeled aluminum create unmatchable feeling of solemnity.

Wooden flagpoles: made of noble bog oak, decoration for any interior.

Double sewn together flags with fringe and tassels: really looks like symbol of power and pride


Flags from modern double-sided fabric called Blackout: bright pictures on both sides and heat transfer cut along the perimeter—it is stylish and beautiful


Flags from one layer of fabric: universal and practical, create and maintain image


Office flags trimmings: Trimmed with yellow, white or gold fringe, office flags look respectable and solemn. Border heat treatment makes flags light; even cut along the perimeter is hardly noticeable. If it is assumed that flags will be hung out outdoors at least for some relatively short time, border is sewn along the perimeter with monothread single overcast. In case flag is used both indoors and outdoors, we recommend ordering one of the street flags’ edging/bordering types.

Material: As per your request, office flags can be produced from either heavy (150-250 g/m) atlas and satin polyester fabrics, or light (70 g/m) fabrics. Atlas has a smooth glossy surface and satin has a lusterless surface. Details...

Workmanship: A flag can be either doubled or one-sided. One-sided variant (one side of fabric, print only on one side) is used in most of the cases. Image on the reverse side of a flag turns out to be mirror and almost unnoticeable due to fabric density. Double-sided variant is used in cases when it is necessary to put various images on both sides of a flag, when a flag will be discernible from both sides or if it is desirable for a flag to look even more solid, strong, and heavy. In this case a flag is a three layer «sandwich» soldered along its perimeter and made of two cloths with pictures/images, fabric interlayer between them and fringe along the perimeter.

Fixings and fasteners:: a pocket for staff is used to fix a flag to office flagpole. In this case pocket’s dimensions are determined by flagpole’s diameter. You can order  flagpoles from us or use your own ones. In this case we recommend  to provide us with exact info on your flagpole’s diameter when placing your order.

High resistance to light, washing, friction. Produced with sublimatic heat transfer print, flags do not fade, are washable and can be ironed. Colouring does not change when exposed to temperature ( up to 110 ?С), friction, moisture, light. Thus, flags are easy to look after.

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