Ткани: Флажная или ткань Суперфлаг, обладающая повышенной ветроустойчивостью
Насыщенные цвета, точный подбор цвета, сублимационная полноцветная печать HiFi (CMYKOB)
Обшивка: двойной шов по периметру, укрепление углов, возможно усиление стропой
Флагштоки: комплектация наземными и настенными флагштоками
Высокая устойчивость окраски
к свету, влаге, трению. Флаги можно стирать и гладить.
Крепление: петли и люверсы слева
Усиленные углы
Печать: односторонняя со сквозной пробивкой на другую сторону или двухстороняя на ткани Blackout
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Street flags on order

Уличные флаги

можно заказать on-line

You can order on-line

Срок изготовления 72 часа

Lead time - 72 hours
Urgent production - from 1 day

Тираж от 1 шт.

Circulation from 1

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Flags near POS, exhibitions, Gas stations attract attention and serve as indicators/pointers/signs

Vertical flags—large flag area allows to use flagpole’s height more effectively

Flags on Г-shaped flagpoles: serve longer, perfectly visible even if there’s no wind


Flags on buildings’ roofs and facades: decorate and attract  look


National flags: our heraldry specialists monitor the latest changes in the world of flags


Street flags on order,
produced with one-sided or double-sided print

Material: Producing outdoor use flags on order we apply polyester fabrics and knitted fabric of various textures and densities. To increase flag’s service time we recommend light 70 g/m polyester fabric or knitted fabric mesh/gauze (Superflag). In the first case you gain in brightness, in the second – in durability. We are glad to show you samples of these and many other kinds of fabrics in our office. Details...

Flags produced with printing method we use i.e. with sublimatic heat transfer print  have bright, saturated colors.

Street flags’ bordering is special, intended to increase flag’s service time. We recommend  double sewing seam for bland field application mode: for example, flag is hung out only on special occasions, at special events or under weak wind conditions. In other cases, border is strengthened with strap: durable strap is sewn inside the seam along flag’s perimeter.

Eyelets (metal rings) or loops located along the left edge of flag’s fabric are used for fixing flags to flagpole’s rope. To put a flag on a flagpole, there is a sewn pouch whose size is determined with flagpole’s diameter.

Strengthened corners  provide for longer flags’ service time under severe climatic conditions.

Print: one-sided with perforation or double-sided. One-sided implementation of the ordered flags (one layer of fabric, print is on the other side) is used in most of the cases. Representation on the other side of flag turns out to be mirror and rather bright (~ 50-70 % of front representation brightness). Double-sided implementation is assumed when it is necessary to put different images on two sides of a flag or when it is necessary to print not mirror but direct image on the other side. So double sewn together  flag is a three layer «sandwich» sewn along the perimeter, consisting of  two clothes with representation and fabric interlayer in between. This kind of flag is substantially heavier than one-sided, less subjected to wearoff and fluttering only in strong wind. That’s why we recommend using one-sided flags on order  which can be produced within 1 day. In case it is necessary to get a flag that would be light and durable and at the same time equally bright on both sides, then it is possible to produce flags of such type with double-sided print. These flags are made of one layer of fabric, sealed up from two sides, and the reverse side is mirror to the front side.

High durability to light, washing, friction. Made with sublimatic heat transfer print, flags do not fade, they can be washed and ironed. Coloring does not change when exposed to temperature ( up to 110?С), friction, moisture or light. Stability under external influences of fabric itself and the coloring varies. Service time of the flags ordered from us is determined by fabric wear resistance under particular climatic conditions and operating regime. Fabric can wear off  when exposed to wind load, and coloring stays the same.

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Flags of Russia
Flags of Russia and Moscow at special prices.

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Urgent production
Lead time 72 hours
urgent production from 1 day

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